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Gas is still our number one fuel for domestic heating and cooking in the UK. It is clean to use, controllable and widely available. Our modern boilers with advanced control systems will get the best from the attached heating system.

We offer the latest gas boilers and control systems to ensure the ultimate comfort and efficiency for your property.

All modern boilers promote condensation within the heat exchanger which means that a waste pipe needs to connect from the boiler to mains sewage or a soakaway.

Most boiler flues consist of two concentric tubes with the outer annulus drawing in fresh air and the inner discharging products of combustion. Fir this reason, existing chimneys cannot generally be used to route the flue from replacement boilers. Modern flues can either discharge horizontally through a side wall or vertically through a pitched or flat roof.

All rented properties should have a Landlord’s Gas Safety Record issued for the property on an annual basis to ensure the safety of your tenants and to maintain your insurance. Please see our charges page for more information.

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