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Use gas, not electricity

Use your gas cooker to heat water rather than using a kettle. The cost of electricity can be up to three times the cost of gas per unit of energy delivered to your home. During summer, ensure that you use gas to heat the hot water cylinder rather than electricity. It could cost you up to three times more to use your immersion heater compared to your gas boiler.

Thermostatic radiator valves

These are often overlooked controls on your heating system which can save you money. They prevent rooms from overheating and should be adjusted to limit each room’s temperature to that which achieves comfort conditions but no warmer.

Start with the setting below mid-position and turn up if too cool for the room. Each TRV will end up being at a slightly different position to achieve comfort conditions for the room as a sitting room will need to be slightly warmer than the kitchen.

Programming your heating and hot water

If you have a programmable room thermostat, this should be tailored closely to your use of the home. Set it to achieve a comfort temperature (approx. 20°C) when occupied and a reduced temperature when not occupied. These programmable thermostats often have built-in frost protection which can maintain a minimum temperature of approx. 5°C when they area in the “off” position.

The programmed reheating of your hot water cylinder should be timed to ensure you have sufficient hot water for your needs.

The standing heat loss from a modern hot water cylinder is very low and this will contribute to the space heating during the winter months. If your cylinder cannot satisfy your hot water demand from a single re-heat (you often run out of hot water during high demand) then program reheating to include your period of use. This way, as soon as water is drawn-off from the cylinder, the controls will sense a drop in temperature and turn the boiler on to re-heat the contents ready for the next use.

Using your room thermostat

If you have a simple dial-type room thermostat, set this to achieve a comfort temperature and no more. If you use the thermostat to effectively then your heating on and off as required, you are manually achieving what a programmable thermostat will do. Please note that walking into

the house and turning the thermostat up to maximum (approx. 30°C) will not warm your home any faster than turning it up to your normal comfort setting (approx. 20°C). It will only cause your home to overheat and use more energy.

Service your boiler

To reduce breakdowns and ensure safe operation, your gas boiler should be serviced annually. During a service, we can perform preventative maintenance which will remove upcoming faults prior to the fault causing your boiler to break down.