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Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I smell gas?

Any smell of gas should be investigated. It is not normal for there to be a slight smell of gas around a gas meter or a gas appliance. If we are unavailable or for out of hours emergencies you can call the gas emergency service on 0800 111999 who can instruct you what to do and can send an emergency engineer to disconnect the gas to make your home safe without charge. A registered gas engineer can then attend to trace the leak and undertake repairs as required.

What do I do if I have a leak?

For all leaks, please initially turn off your stopcock. If you do not know where this is, please take the time now to find it and check it is working.

If the leak is on the hot or cold water plumbing system and you have a storage system (cold water cisterns in the roof), you will need to drain these down by running hot and cold taps until they are emptied.

If the leak is on the heating system, and this cannot be contained until an engineer can attend, please turn off the electrical supply to your boiler and heating controls. You can then drain down by attaching a hose to a convenient drain point (generally below radiators).

f you notice your ceiling bulging or a wet patch appearing, this may be due to water sitting above. Please turn off your electrical supply and


How can I unblock my sink?

You can use a plunger to try and move the blockage. If this is not effective, you can remove the waste trap fitted below the sink. Place a bowl below while you do this to catch any water contained within. Once you have emptied the trap (not in the sink above), you can

pierce a hole in the ceiling to release the water and catch this in a bowl below. This will minimize damage.

I have some cold radiators. What can I do?

Radiators can trap air, preventing the top from getting warm. This can be

released by using a vent key. Insert this into the top of the radiator and turn to open the valve which will release the air. This is best done with the heating system turned off. Hold some paper towel over the vent hole and as soon as you see a continuous stream of water emerging, close this off. Beware that heating water can be dirty so please protect and carpet and walls from any spray.

If the bottom of the radiator is cold, this could be either due to insufficient flow or the presence of corrosion deposits in the radiator. You may need to call us to arrange system balancing and/or a power flush.

Why does my toilet cistern keep running?

The valve which fills the toilet can become blocked with scale. This can sometimes be removed simply by manipulating the valve by hand to break-away the scale deposits.

Why is my boiler / heating system noisy.

Boilers and heating system can become fowled with corrosion deposits and scale. These can lead to local overheating of water within the boiler heat exchanger, resulting in a hissing and banging noise known as “kettling”. To remove the deposits and restore the system to quieter and more efficient operation, a power flush should be performed. Please contact us to arrange a survey.